Catamount - the Inside Scoop

Catamount is a special place and we encourage you to come join us.  If you are wondering if it's the right place for you, then here's some valuable insight that may help. 

Each year we have phenomenal employees who work together in a fun and positive environment to accomplish our mission to provide experiences as beautiful as the views. 

How do we do this?  The recipe is simple. 

We are looking for those who want more out of the summer than just a job.  We want your enthusiasm and your ability to make a positive difference in the people around you.  We want your personal goals to align with ours desire to provide exceptional service and for you to be better for the experience.  We want you to appreciate the sense of community in a private club, because you will become an essential part of the club culture. It's a unique mix of the traditional formal nature of a prestigious club and the casual informal nature of Steamboat.  The best of both worlds in a setting that is unrivaled.

We're looking forward to our best summer ever.  Are you ready to be part of the team?