Catamount Membership

The benefits of membership in a Club the caliber of Catamount are many: from your family's enjoyment of a multitude of amenities to the sense of community and camaraderie that will be the foundation of cherished memories for years to come. Catamount provides its Members with a distinctive lifestyle that celebrates the best of the Colorado high country. Imagine spending mornings fly-fishing on the Yampa River, afternoons on the fairways overlooking the Yampa Valley and Mount Werner, and your evenings sailing on the totally private 530-acre Lake Catamount. The Lake House offers a fitness center, tennis courts, swimming, wading, and spa pools, and a full service restaurant for Members and their guests. In the winter, walking paths and equestrian trails turn into a Nordic skiing and snowshoeing paradise. Of course, the famous slopes of Steamboat Springs Resort are just minutes away.

Belonging to a club with Catamount's long-range vision for the land has intangible benefits as well. Catamount has placed over 3,000 acres into perpetual agricultural, riparian and forest conservation easements to maintain the open natural landscape.

2019 Membership Offers:
For 2019, our membership offers focus on Trial Memberships which allows you to try the club for a year before deciding to become members. We have 3 trial membership options available:
1.  Full Golf/Lake unrestricted membership:
•  Unrestricted usage at golf and lake properties.
• No initiation fee. Annual 2019 dues: $11,650.  Annual spending  minimums for those 45 and older: $1,600.
•  May play in all golf tournaments.
•  Commitment to convert to regular membership required by November 1, 2019. Trial membership ends on December 31, 2019. 
2.  Restricted Golf ONLY membership (20 available):
• Unlimited golf from opening day through Father’s Day; and from Tuesday after Labor Day through closing day.  All other times: play after 2pm. Use of Practice Facility: 1pm or later.
• No initiation fee during trial period: ½ annual golf dues = $5,825; ½ annual golf minimum = $800.
• Cannot participate in golf tournaments.
•  May participate in Ladies or Men’s days prior to Father’s Day only.
•  May participate in social golf events if event begins after 2pm.
•  Restricted trail membership ends on December 31, 2019.
•   No Lake amenities/usage.
3.  Lake ONLY trial membership (limited inventory):
•  Includes unrestricted access to lake amenities. No golf privileges.
• No initiation fee.  2019 annual dues are $5,500; 2019 annual spending minimum is $800.
•  Commitment to convert to regular membership required by November 1, 2019. Trial membership ends on December 31, 2019.​Date of application for trial lake membership will lock in current initiation fee of  $17,500

If you decide to convert, you will receive a $5,000 credit towards the initiation fee of a full golf membership or a $1,500 credit towards a lake membership.  Or you can choose not be a club member and walk away.

Regular (non-trial) membership offers:
The transferable Premier Golf Membership includes privileges at both the golf course and lake facilities. The Premier Membership fee is $45,000.  

For those members under the age of 50, we offer a Junior Premier Membership.  A junior member pays no initial intiation fee up front. Junior members will earn a 10% credit off of their initiation fee for each year they pay full dues until they reach the age of 50.  If there is still a balance owed on the fee at age 50, it will be due at that time.  This membership includes privileges at both the golf course and lake facilities. 

We also offer Lake Memberships for an intiation fee of $17,500.  Lake membership provides access to everything the Lake has to offer. Those amenities include a 532 acre private lake, pool, fitness center, restaurant, hot tub, and Outfitter’s Center.  We also offer some of the best fly fishing in the state including Members Only access to the headwaters and tail waters of Lake Catamount and guided fly fishing trips on sections of the upper Yampa.  Members also have free access to the Nordic trails at Lake Catamount in the winter.  Lake Members also have the ability to use the Catamount Golf Practice Facility (driving range) throughout the season but there are no course tee time privileges.  

***Price is subject to change. Please contact Nicole Piret, Membership & Marketing Director to review the current price and terms of all memberships.